We suggest 2D and 3D milling and engraving on modern CNC -mill.

Milled materials are: plastic, wax, plexiglas, wood, brass, aluminium and other non-ferrus materials, superficial engraving on steel. Maximum size of the part is 1000*600*115 mm. Z-resolution is 0.01 mm.
Maximum size of the part is 1000*600*115 mm. Resolvability 0.01 mm.

Field of application:

Visual advertising: Milling of letters, nameboards, relief images, logotypes, emblems, 3D prototypes etc. of wide range of materials.

Jewellery:Milling of wax prototypes for casting, emblems, brooches, etc.

Electronics: Production of circuit boards

Prototypes: Prototypes for lost sand casting in wood and compositematerials

Those and a lot of other things can be made with milling techinque by us!

Brass namebords

Milled from 5 mm brass sheets. Height is 9 cm.


Milled on foil-clad fiber-glass plastic.


Milled in 12 mm aluminium

Prototypes of wine bottles

Milled from wood and finished.

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