Please browse our examples to learn more about some of our projects.

Please note, that for several examples you have to download a plug-in
(IPA Webviewer) and that the size of files vary. Some files have more
than 10 MB to download.

Even if we show mostly old locomotives here, these are just examples.
We mostly work on "actual" projects. NOTICE: These examples represent
scale-models that are near to the real product.

Locomotive Heidi

This locomotive became famous because of the swiss film "Heidi". This locomotive still exist

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By drawing this windmill from historical sketches, we can show the functions and details of this historical building

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Diesel Locomotive Deutz

This locomotive was one of the first build with hydraulic transmission. It is already scraped for nearly 40 years now

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logarithmic calculator

This is a part designed to be an accessory of a motorbike. Material will be polished or brushed aluminium

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Parts of locomotive NEG

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Locomotive BR55

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Locomotive Maloja

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̀achine-gun MG 34

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See more pictures of the ring

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