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We provide 3D-Rapidprototyping with our own machine Solidscape 612 or with partners (3D-Systems Viper S2). This allows us to bring you the best prototyping-quality that you can get on marked today.

With this machine, we can provide thermo plastic-prototypes as well as resin-prototypes of highest accuracy.

Our Solidscape 612 plots thermoplastic-models with the highest resolution available on the marked. This allows you to make ready-to-cast prototypes and models for casting in gold, brass etc. These models may also be used for visualisation.

The advantages of this process are smooth surfaces and high resolution at affordable prices.

On the viperS2, resin is hardened by a laser. This brings you even higher resolution if needed, but due to the more complex installation, the prices are much higher. The material is more solid, so that you can build functional parts. But resins are hygroscopic and harden under sun-light.

Technical data


Build envelope
Resolution x/y/z   
Solidscape 612

304x152x152 mm
0,01/0,01/0,013 mm
Viper S2

250x250x250 mm
Other resolutions are available on both machines

What kind of parts and prototypes can you order?

Normally, we provide parts with high resolution upon a build envelope of 40x40x40 mm. Bigger parts and other resolutions can be provided on request.

The minimal feature size is 0,3 mm, but please keep in mind that these parts are extremely difficult to handle, so a supporting frame may be necessary.

What must you provide?

We work with stl-files, which can be generated by the most common graphic or-CAD software. Please keep in mind that the object must be closed everywhere to be accepted as correct stl-file. Use Rheno3D-Demoversion to test your files!

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