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We provide 3D-Rapidprototyping with our own machine EDEN 260V. Printing system is based on patented PolyJet technology which  provides an easy to use, fast and clean solution for the precise building of any geometry. This drastically shortens product development cycles and time to market for new products. Models produced on the Eden260V have smooth and durable surfaces, with exceptionally fine details and an outstanding surface finish.

Key Benefits - Eden260V 3D Printer:

Outstanding surface features and fine details

-High resolution in all axes
Eliminates the stair effect common to complicated curved surfaces built in lower resolution
-Produces ultra-fine detail usually only available with high-cost systems
-Thin walls down to 0.6mm (0.024)
-Horizontal layers of 16 (0.0006)

Clean, smooth surfaces
-Easy-to-remove, support material enables sophisticated geometries at any angle
-Delivers smooth exterior and interior surfaces, including cavities, without the remnants characteristic of rigid support structures
-Eliminates finishing and post-build processing during the 3D printing process.

Wide range of supported materials:
-Wide variety of materials allows to create parts of different geometry, including overhangs and undercuts.
-Can produce parts with different physical properties: transparent, opaque, non-conducting, rubbery flexible parts of different harshness, rigid parts.
- Can produce parts with different colours.
-The surface of materials has goods absorbability of the paint, this allows to make models looking more realistic.

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